LG T1084WFES5A Fully Automatic Top Loading 10 Kg Washing Machine

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Construction Brushless DC Motor, STS Pulsator, Stainless Steel Tub, & Plastic Outer Body
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 945 mm x 540 mm x 540 mm
Weight (Kg) 45.0
Capacity Load Capacity 10.0 Kg
Motor & Pulsator Brushless DC Motor Motor, connect to drum via Direct Drive
Pulsator Type STS Type Pulsator
Number of Motions 6 (no Rotating Drum)
Drum & Body Material Plastic Outer Body, Stainless Steel Tub
Power Supply & Consumption 220-240 V 50 Hz
Warranty Information 10 (Motor), 2 (Parts), 2 (Labour)
Delay Start 3 ~ 18 Hours
Colors Stainless Steel

Washing Machine LG T1084WFES5A Price in India

LG T1084WFES5A washing machine is available from 3 sellers from 37990 to 38900
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Washing Machine Features

Auto Balance Yes
Lint Filter Auto Clean Yes
Child Lock Yes
Cold Water Inlet Yes
Hot Water Inlet Yes
Hands Free Washing Yes
Water Heater Yes

Wash Programs

Air Dry Yes
Steam Wash Yes
Cashmere No
Woolen No
Cotton No
Duvet Yes
Jeans No
Saree No
School Uniform Yes

LG T1084WFES5A is a fully automatic washing machine. This LG washer is top loading type and has wash capacity of 10 Kg of laundry. Very suitable for large families. This machine is packed with advanced technology features which washes your clothes faster and better. Its digital control panel has light touch buttons for easy operation. Functions of the machine are controlled by fuzzy logic. The stainless steel drum has load sensors inside. These sensors judge the laundry load and select water level accordingly. 10 different water levels can be selected. The drum rotates at 700 RPM during spin drying of clothes. A stainless steel tub has several advantages over other tub materials in terms of durability, cleaning, and gentle wash for fabrics. It can also withstand high spinning speed. Some of the important features are 6 Motion Direct Drive, Hygienic Water Heater, STS Pulsator, Auto Balance, Auto Lint Filter, Delay Start, Auto Lint Filter, Jet Spray, Quick Tub Clean, Smart closing Door and Smart Diagnosis. The 6 Motion Direct Drive produces 6 types of motion inside the drum for better cleaning. These are Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing, Tumbling and Filtration. The Waveforce produced by water inside the drum gently removes the dirt and stain from the laundry. The compressing motion produced by water dissolve the detergent very effectively. The water with detergent penetrates the fabric of clothes and clears of dirt and tough stains. The pulsator inside the tub produces agitating and rubbing motion for an effective wash. The heater heats the water up to 60 degree centigrade. This washes off allergens and hard stains much cleaner than cold water wash. LG Allergy Care produces steam and exposes your laundry to 60°C temperature for over 10 minutes. This kills 99.9% of dust mites in your clothes. There is a Jet Spray feature inside the drum. During rinse cycle the tub spins at around 700 RPM. Durin spin water is sprayed forcefully on the clothes from top through a nozzle. So the water penetrates in to the clothes and removes all the detergent stains from laundry. So you get a perfect wash and also efficient use of water. Auto Lint Filter collects lint at the bottom of the tub. The lint gets washed away automatically during drain cycle. Quick Tub Clean is a very useful feature of this LG washing machine. With a simple touch of a button you can clean the tub before and after washing for daily use. So the tub and your laundry remain in hygienic condition. At the heart of the washer is a Direct Drive Brush Less DC Motor. This motor is directly coupled to the drum and is much more efficient than conventional motor. It is sealed in a unit and so is dust proof and humidity proof. The motor produces very low vibration and noise and has long life. LG gives 10 years warranty on the motor and two years warranty on the parts. This machine can be controlled and operated through Wi Fi. You can control & monitor your washer anytime, from anywhere by using one LG App. This feature is named Smart ThinQ. Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) of the machine are 945 mm x 540 mm x 540 mm. It comes in Silver color.