LG 9 Kg Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine T1084WFES6

Construction Brushless DC Motor, STS Pulsator, Stainless Steel Tub, & Plastic Outer Body
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 1020 mm x 632 mm x 670 mm
Capacity Load Capacity 9.0 Kg
Motor & Pulsator Brushless DC Motor Motor, connect to drum via Direct Drive
Pulsator Type STS Type Pulsator
Number of Motions 6 (no Rotating Drum)
Drum & Body Material Plastic Outer Body, Stainless Steel Tub
Power Supply & Consumption 220-240 V 50 Hz
Warranty Information 10 (Motor), 2 (Parts), 2 (Labour)
Delay Start 3 ~ 18 Hours

There are no deals for this washing machine. This washing machine is not available online. This may be because this model has been discontinued.

Washing Machine Features

Auto Balance Yes
Lint Filter Auto Clean Yes
Child Lock Yes
Cold Water Inlet Yes
Hot Water Inlet No
Hands Free Washing Yes
Water Heater Yes

Wash Programs

Air Dry Yes
Steam Wash Yes
Cashmere No
Woolen No
Cotton No
Duvet Yes
Jeans No
Saree No
School Uniform Yes
LG T1084WFES6 is a fully automatic washing machine. This LG washer is top loading type and its capacity is of 9 Kg of laundry. Top lid of the machine is made of tempered glass. For customer safety, the door will be locked automatically during operation. The control panel is digital type and has soft touch buttons for various functions. The display panel shows the settings, estimated time remaining, options, and status messages. Wash cycles are designed for the best wash performance for each type of clothes you are washing and also how dirty they are. You can chose the desired wash program by repeatedly pressing the Program button till the desired program is selected. It has both Hot Wash and Cold Wash facility. When you press the Start button washing machine will agitate briefly without water to measure the weight of the load. There are sensors in the stainless steel drum which senses the laundry load. Further wash operations are automaticall controlled by fuzzy logic. Its Dispenser Drawer can be used for detergent, bleach or fabric softener in appropriate areas of the dispenser. When the programme is finished, a melody will sound to alert you that washing cycle is complete and you should remove the clothes. Auto Restart function of the machine allows the washing programme to restart by itself in case of power failure. lt starts from the stage where it stopped. The Allergy Care function of the machine is a powerful and high temperature programme which reduces certain allergens. The high water temperature also removes tough stains. The Smart Rinse option is very useful for people who have sensitive skin or skin trouble. This feature increases rinsing performance. Eco Wash feature increases water use efficiency during wash cycle. You can use Pre Wash + Normal feature to pre-treat immediate stain without hand wash. Soak button can be selected if your clothes are heavily soiled. It soaks the laundry in water for some time to remove dirt and grime. Other special features of this LG washing machine are Child Lock, Smart ThinQ, Wi Fi Function, Energy Monitoring, Tub Clean, Auto Balance, Anti Rat Cover, Lint Collector and Smart Diagnosis. Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)of the machine are 1020 mm x 632 mm x 670 mm. The heart of this washing machine is Brushless DC Motor which is directly coupled to the drum. LG gives 10 years warranty on the motor and two years warranty on parts.