LG T8077NEDL8 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Construction Brushless DC Motor, Punch+ 3 Pulsator, Stainless Steel Tub, & Plastic Outer Body
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 910 mm x 540 mm x 540 mm
Capacity Load Capacity 7.0 Kg
Motor & Pulsator Brushless DC Motor Motor, connect to drum via Direct Drive
Pulsator Type Punch+ 3 Type Pulsator
Number of Motions 4 + Rotating Drum
Drum & Body Material Plastic Outer Body, Stainless Steel Tub
Power Supply & Consumption 220-240 V 50 Hz
Warranty Information 10 (Motor), 2 (Parts), 2 (Labour)
Delay Start 3 ~ 18 Hours
Colors Dark Red

Washing Machine LG T8077NEDL8 Price in India

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Washing Machine Features

Auto Balance Yes
Lint Filter Auto Clean No
Child Lock No
Cold Water Inlet Yes
Hot Water Inlet No
Hands Free Washing No
Water Heater No

Wash Programs

Air Dry Yes
Steam Wash No
Cashmere No
Woolen Yes
Cotton No
Duvet No
Jeans Yes
Saree Yes
School Uniform No

LG T8077NEDL8 is a 7 Kg top loading fully automatic washing machine. It comes in a floral red color which gives a very pleasing appearance. The washing machine is not very large for its wash capacity. It is less than a meter tall (910mm) and about half a meter wide and deep (width 540mm and depth 540mm). LG T8077NEDL8 is a compact washing machine and does not occupy too much space.

The outer body (cabinet) is made of plastic (also called fiber). A fiber outer body does not corrode, retains its color (if not placed in direct sunlight) for the life of the washing machine and protects the user from electric shock. The inner tub is made of high quality stainless steel. The tub in this model is a rotating tub, that is the tub rotates clockwise and counter clockwise during the wash cycle. Washing machines with rotating tubs clean the laundry better and also prevent the laundry from tangling. This washing machine has a Punch+ 3 pulsator. This pulsator has two parts. The first is the main pulsator which moves clockwise and counter clockwise. There are three small pulsators built into the main pulsators. These small pulsators also spin around their axis which results in a better wash.

The control panel is located at the front of the washing machine. It has LED display and button input.

Wash Programs

LG T8077NEDL8 has 11 wash programs. The list of all wash programs along with their descriptions is given below.

  1. Normal - This program is for normal clothes. When you select this mode the washing machine automatically detects the size of the loads and automatically selects the most appropriate  settings and completes the wash in one operation.
  2. Turbo Wash - This program saves time as well as uses less water and electricity.
  3. Quick Wash - This program is for lightly soiled clothes. The load should be less than 2 Kg when using this program.
  4. Strong - Use this program for heavy laundry like jeans, bed sheets etc.
  5. Pre Wash + Normal - This program is like the normal wash program except that the prewash routine is performed first. In Prewash mode the laundry will be washed for 2 minutes followed by a 2 minute soak. This wash soak operation is performed twice i.e. Wash (2 minutes) --> Soak (2 minutes) --> Wash (2 minutes) --> Soak (2 minutes. This wash program is effective for heavily soiled clothes, kid's clothes, school uniforms, sports wear etc.
  6. Soak Wash - In this mode the laundry is soaked before the wash cycle. Soak mode can be used before Normal, Strong, and Aqua Reserve programs. The soak time can be set to 15 minutes, 25 minutes and 35 minutes. Soak wash mode is very effective for heavily soiled laundry.
  7. Gentle - Use Gentle program to wash delicate clothes like woolens, saree etc.
  8. Aqua Reserve - Aqua reserve program reuses water in the tub for washing the second round of laundry. Spin function cannot be used with Aqua Reserve mode. Use spin function separately when using this mode.
  9. Air Dry - Air dry program helps to remove even more moisture from the laundry. This mode is most effective when the laundry load is less than 2 Kgs. The duration of this program can be set to 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes and 2 hours.
  10. Option Washing - Option washing allows you to operate the washing machine in only spin, rinse + spin, only rinse, only wash, and only wash + rinse modes.
  11. Tub Clean - This program is used to clean the inner tub and outer tub. Use this program at regular intervals but not frequently.

This washing machine also has a delay start option. Using this feature you can program the washing machine to start operation after waiting for 3 to 18 hours. You can program the machine to start operation at a time such that the cycle complete when you return back home. This helps to prevent odor.


LG T8077NEDL8 fully automatic top loading washing machine comes loaded with a ton of features. Some of the important ones are listed below.

  • Child Lock
  • Auto Balance System
  • Soft Closing Door
  • Auto Diagnosis
  • Auto Restart
  • Standby Power Save
  • Memory Backup
  • Water Level Selection (10 levels)
  • Lint Filter
  • Side Waterfall
  • Jet Spray+
  • Viewing Window

There are two feature which require special mention. These features are Jet Spray+ and Side Waterfall. Both these features give this washing machine a better performance. Jet Spray+ directs a fast jet of water into the tub which removes stubborn dirt and excess detergent from the clothes. Side waterfall is a system of three water outlets at the top of the tub. Water flows from these outlets and falls into the tub - just like a small waterfall. This helps to mix the detergent properly and reduces the buildup of detergent residue.


LG T8077NEDL8 is a 7 Kg top loading fully automatic washing machine. It has a direct drive brushless DC motor with 10 years warranty. Brushless DC motors have no electrical contacts so they are more reliable than DC motors with brush. A brushless DC motor is also more power efficient than a AC motor (Also known as induction motor). LG T8077NEDL8 fully automatic 7 Kg washing machine has a Punch+ 3 pulsator and a rotating stainless steel drum. This gives the inner tub 5 movements one of the highest among washing machine at this price point. This top loading fully automatic washing machine has 11 wash programs. It has features like auto balance system, child lock, cold water inlet, auto pre-wash, toughened glass door, Jet+ water spray and side waterfall.

Expert Review

LG T8077NEDL8 is a fully automatic washing machine.This LG washer is top loading type and has capacity of 7 Kg of laundry. This is an ideal machine for a family of 5 people. It has 9 wash programmes which are automatically controlled by fuzzy logic. It automatically senses the laundry load in the tub and adjusts water level and wash time. You can see the progress of the laundry time on its digital control panel. The brush less DC motor is built on Smart Inverter Technology. The motor is directly coupled to the stainless steel drum. It produces very low noise and vibration. Opertional noise stays inside the encased housing of the motor. LG BMC Motor is an important part of this washing machine. Its efficiency is very high at 88%. Protection of the motor shields it from dust, insects, and humidity of outside while reducing noise and vibration. LG gives 10 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on other parts. The stainless steel drum has three types of Smart Motion for perfect wash quality. These are Agitating, Rotating and Swing motions. The Pulsator with Punch+3 feature creates water streams in vertical direction which moves the laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing result. You can use its Auto Pre Wash feature to soak the clothes before the washing cycle starts. This helps in removing tough stains from the clothes. The in-built Jet Spray of the tub produces a powerful water spray which washes off dirt and excess detergent from your clothes. This feature will give you the best wash without use of hands. The Smart Inverter Technolgy of this washing machine reduces power bill, water consumption and washing time. Tub Clean is another useful feature of the machine. It sterilizes the inner and outer tub and prevents unpleasant smell inside the tub. Child Lock feature locks all the keys to prevent settings from being changed by a child. If an error occurs in the washing machine you can use Smart Diagnosis feature with LG App to diagnose the error and inform LG Service Center. The top lid of the machine is soft closing type and is made of scratch proof toughened glass. Its Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) are 910 mm x 540 mm x 540 MM. It comes in Florid Red color.